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Lifescope Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of their online personal counselling sessions with our dedicated professional, Peta-Anne Field.

Live Your Best Life In 2006!

Our highly dedicated, and qualified personal consultant, Peta-Anne Field, will assist you in visualising your dream. She is also highly intuitive and will help your personal life get back on the right track for 2006. Live your best life in 2006!

Your completley private counselling session, by Peta-Anne Field, can be conducted three ways:

1) A 1 hour Skype computer to computer voice call (read on...); or

2) A 1 hour telephone session where Peta-Anne will call a number you provide to us;

3) A 1 hour face to face session (Adelaide Residents Only); or

4) A 1 hour chat session on MSN Messenger.

You choose the most suitable mode. The one you are most comfortable with.

Peta-Anne Field, our Professional Personal Counsellor, is available now for online sessions. Our sessions are held either via phone, face to face* or through MSN Messenger.

A usual face to face session costs well over $110.00 per hour, but using this online facility dramatically decreases the cost to you. Plus, you are able to participate in the comfort and safety of your own home. Why not start the New Year feeling more positive about your life, and encouraged to follow your dreams and implement your visions. You deserve to live your best life today.

Click here to book your service now.

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