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Lifescope Solutions offers a wide range of online services ranging from individual and relationships counselling, transpersonal healing sessions, business consultancy and much more.

Why not heal yourself from the comfort of your own home, with our amazing online support and team of counsellors. Although we call this service "online" we also provide other ways of conducting counselling sessions. You select the way which is more comfortable for you. Whether it be through chat, computer to computer voice conversation or a regular telephone call.

Our professional counsellors will assist you through the healing process. If you are confused about the path or direction your life is taking, or if you want to begin to heal yourself and create the life which is waiting for you, then Lifescope Solutions Online Services is here for you.

Book in today to speak with one of our counsellors to discuss your goals, needs and desires... begin to live the life you deserve today.



Book an Online Service today, and we will send you a complimentry headset for use with Skype, our preferred online communication tool.

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