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How does it work/look?

The base coaching is three 25 minute telephone sessions per month. The fourth week is set out as a break. Not from achieving your goals, but from our weekly sessions. You take on as much homework as you choose, and most of the learning, growth, action and results happen between our sessions.

You'll actually coach yourself, prior to each session - using a Self Coaching Worksheet I supply to you with your Welcome Pack.

Who are your clients?

Basically, people ready to make changes in their life, and/or to really go for what they want. My clients are normally successful in many areas of their life, but there might be one or two that are not up to scratch. Or - they are ready for more self-awareness.

Our clients are both male and female, normally in the 30 - 50 age bracket. Mainly professionals, excecutives or leaders of some sort. Some small business owners whose businesses are expanding, and executives looking to create a bigger game to play, or to get more balance in their life.

To date, my clients have been based in South Africa, the U.S., Australia, England and New Zealand.

What does coaching provide?

This is different for each client. Most often, I hear words like: challenge, accountability, direction, inspiration, focus, sounding board, support and validation. Some people want someone else to share the wins with. Other request a firm kick start and shift into gear. But the bottom line is, we're normally after a specific result that makes a difference in your life. And above all - let's have fun with it!

Do you have any specialities?

  • I mostly work with:
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to improve, or start, their own small business.
  • People who want to get their own coaching business started.
  • People ready to find the career they were made for.
  • Executives and manager ready to make changes in their business or personal life.

Who are you?

I'm a coach: passionate about personal development, and in awe of the courage my clients continually draw upon to step beyond their comfort zones. I'm also a raving entrepreneur who loves creating businesses - with a particular passion for excellent marketing, creative products/services, fun and holistic therapies.

In the past, I've been an educational consultant in Adelaide, a professional business coach to many international businesses, an educator in South Australia and a personal consultant to many couples and families.


How long would we work together?

Some people are done in 3 months, and others are looking for 1 - 2 year partnerships. I've been working with one of my favourite clients (and now firend) for over 5 years. We'll normally start with a 3 - 6 month time frame. I simply suggest my clients stay with me as long as they love the coaching, and the results.

What if I decide not to finish the coaching term?

If at some point during the coaching you're not getting calue, we'll both know it. You may cease coaching at the end of any four week cycle, and get a full refund for the unused portion. You would the be charged at the normal monthly rate for the coaching you have used rather than the discounted rate.

Can I get an even better feel for who you are, and your coaching style first?

Absolutley. This is why I offer a complimentary session, so that we can see whether coaching will be a positive move for you, and whether we are a good fit. To book your complimentary session, simply click here.

Can I read any testimonials or success stories?

Shortly, we are in the process of compiling these currently.

Do you do any probono coaching or charity work?

Actually, yes. Lifescope Solutions has two probono spots for people who are working on a project to benefit their community, country or planet (ie. non for profit), or working for/running a major charity.

If selected, you just donate $100 up front to a charity to demonstrate commitment, and we get started.

To apply for one of these positions, just request a complimentary consultation just like everyone else. But make sure you include in the comments field why I would enjoy coaching you and details/benefits of your project.

Telephone Sessions

Don't be deterred by telephone coaching. It is just as powerful as face-to-face work, and with over 50% of coaching occurring over the telephone, it's got to be good.

In fact it can be a big bonus! You can have your session in the comfort of your office, lounge room or wherever you feel most at home. Imagine the time that saves.

Book A Session

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