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Chances are you have done well to date, and achieved significant milestones in your life. Now, consider: "Where might you be today, if you had worked with an executive coach the last five years?".

And where might you be in five year's time with the right coach?

If nothing on this page connects with you, then you are probably on the wrong page or site. If something on this page does connect with you, then I invite you to apply for a complimentary session to explre executive coaching for you. You'll probably learn a lot from the form, and if it feels like something you will benefit from, we'll go ahead and set up a chat to explore your goals.

Getting Your Priorities In Order

Our starting point is about aligning your business objectives, with your personal objectives. In a private consultation which can be conducted at your office, home or over the Internet, we measure the relative importance of the business to your longer-term financial prosperity. We also determine the tasks needed to get your personal affairs in order.

This discover process covers three important areas:

  • Your Personal Finances - a review of your income, tax, risk management and retirement planning.
  • You and Your Business - a review of your role in the business, the supporting team, readiness for sale and level or management information.
  • Your Quality of Life - a review of your health, appetite to continue to drive the business, enjoyment, work/life balance etc.

Why do I enjoy executive coaching?

I enjoy working with executives and managers who meet one, or more of the following criteria. (Check those that apply):

  • Are ready to play a bigger game in their work or personal life
  • Seek an unbiased sounding board
  • Could benefit from focusing their strengths, and being held accountable for their goals
  • Are ready to develop a career plan
  • Want to develop leadership skills or team building skills
  • Are ready to reduce stress
  • Have a big goal they would like to achieve and/or
  • Are successful, yet believe they can go even further with the right input

Telephone Coaching

Don't be deterred by telephone coaching. It is just as powerful as face-to-face work, and with over 50% of coaching occurring over the telephone, it's got to be good.

In fact it can be a big bonus! You can have your session in the comfort of your office, lounge room or wherever you feel most at home. Imagine the time that saves.

Book A Coaching Session

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