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Counselling is not about the giving and receiving of advice. Think of your counsellor as more of a guide than an advisor. Imagine you are about to go on a journey at the end of which you could have an improvement in your life in some way, but the trip is littered with hazards.

You could be feeling unhappy or lacking in confidence, and so, feel unable to tackle these problems yourslef. Perhaps the hazards you face on your journey are the result of some short-term, immediate issue. In real life it could be a bereavement or job loss or it may be some event or issue going back over many years which may be haunting you. The life improvement you seek may be simply an ability to handle life better or perhaps enjoy your relationships more fully. The journey to find a better life, just like the imaginary trip above may need bravery on your part and require a safe, guiding hand to have the desired effect.

This is why an achievement counsellor is more like a guide rather than an advisor. If you were setting off on a journey to explore the mystery and wonder of Asia, wouldn’t you need the services of a guide to help you find your goal? Achievement counselling is just like that. Exploring your goals, and the hurdles in your way which are getting you down (you may not even know what they are) in a caring, safe environment such as that provided by a fully qualified professional achievement counsellor.


What are you achievements?

Do you feel as though you aren't reaching your full potential? Then your Lifescope Solutions Achievement Counsellor will help you find your path to success.

Telephone Counselling

Don't be deterred by telephone coaching. It is just as powerful as face-to-face work, and with over 50% of coaching occurring over the telephone, it's got to be good.

In fact it can be a big bonus! You can have your session in the comfort of your office, lounge room or wherever you feel most at home. Imagine the time that saves.

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